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Magnesium, thoroughly form!

Magnesium, thoroughly form!

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Is your child struggling to stay in and focus? You find it "mounted on springs"? He does not sleep well? He may be suffering from magnesium deficiency. Dr. Marianne Mousain-Bosc, pediatrician, explains the benefits of this trace element.

The role of magnesium?

  • Several studies carried out since the 1980s have highlighted the role of this trace element on certain behavioral disorders : agitation, concentration problems, sleep problems, etc.
  • If an assay ** is performed, we notice that whenever these symptoms are present, magnesium deficiency is also present.
  • This trace element plays a protective role on the central nervous system.

Why magnesium deficiency?

  • It seems that magnesium deficiency very often has a genetic cause : an anomaly of the transport of the magnesium in the cell.
  • In many cases, mothers, fathers or both parents also have magnesium deficiency.
  • Food is not involved, a diet rich in magnesium will not be sufficient to raise the intracellular magnesium.
  • Supplementation is necessary, in the form of dragees or ampoules. The dose will be specified by your doctor.

What are the improvements made by magnesium supplementation?

  • The child eats better, his agitation decreases, sleep disorders gradually disappear. The family atmosphere is also more relaxed.
  • Thinking that it is better, parents often want to stop magnesium to see what happens: the clinical signs reappear after a few days.
  • This is why it is not interesting to use magnesium in cures. It is better to take in the long course, even to suspend the catches in periods when the stress decreases, for example during the holidays.
  • Apart from magnesium, it is very important too offer your child regular meal and sleep schedules and avoid overloading activities.

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