Parental leave and paternity leave

Parental leave and paternity leave

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Do you want to enjoy your child's daily life when he is there? Why not take parental leave or paternity leave?

  • Any man or woman, natural or adoptive parent, any employee can benefit from a parental leave of education if it justifies one year of seniority in the company on the date of the birth of the child or, in adoption, arrival at home (before the age of 16). There are two types of parental leave: total leave during which the employment contract is suspended or part-time work.
  • Since the autumn of 2014, a new reform came into force in the autumn of 2014. For children born or adopted as of 1 October 2014, part of this six-month leave is obligatorily reserved for second parent, not transmissible to the first, as is currently possible. In other words: if the father does not benefit, these six months will be lost.

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Father's parental leave

Paternity and childcare leave

  • Parental leave is possible for dads too. Otherwise, paternity leave is a plus that will allow you to enjoy your child too. Since 1 July 2013, paternity leave has been transformed into "paternity and childcare leave". If this does not change anything for the dads, it now allows any employee, man or woman, living with the mother to benefit from it, regardless of his relationship of filiation with the child.
  • You are entitled to 11 days of rest in addition to the three days of absence authorized by the Labor Code, for a child (18 days for a multiple birth). Take them within four months after the birth of your child without forgetting to notify your employer a month before. Since July 1, 2019, fathers whose newborns are hospitalized in a specialized care unit (premature) can benefit from an additional 30 days.
  • Paternity leave is open to any employee regardless of his seniority or the nature of his employment contract (permanent, fixed-term, part-time, temporary, ...), whatever his family situation (marriage, PACS, common-law union, divorce or separation), whatever the place birth or residence of his child (in France or abroad), whether or not the child is dependent on him.

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