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The binding book: a beautiful communication tool!

The binding book: a beautiful communication tool!

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It is not easy to let your baby spend most of his time with other people than you. Do not know what happens when you're not there can distress you and especially frustrate you ... To be aware of the news of his days, nothing like the booklet!

The binding book, it's really good!

  • The liaison book transmits all the daily events concerning your child: hours, meals, number of stools, nap, activities of the day ... all key elements that allow you to stay informed and discuss when you pick up your child.
  • Effective and practical, it does not replace the exchange time you share with the caretakers of your child, but it allows to write in writing what concerns him without any precious information being forgotten.
  • Used systematically in collective reception areas, nurseries, day-care centers, kindergartens ... the liaison book is also a faithful ally of communication of all the other modes of care: maternal assistant, nanny, baby-sitter ... do not hesitate to introduce it.

A notebook of life too

  • You can also leave instructions and information on the life of your child at home: what happened during the weekend, how was his night ... Transmissions that can also be very useful for people with care!
  • True reminder, it also allows you to remember certain details: if your assmat goes on training or takes leave ...
  • More than a transmission tool, It is not uncommon that it turns into a notebook of life! Many auxiliaries, nursery assistants or nannies, often in collaboration with the parents, decorate it with drawings, pictures of the child. Some anecdotes are related. What will make you a beautiful memory that you can keep: the guest book of the first years of your child!
  • A support he will discover with pleasure, once become big!

Frédérique Odasso