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Water in questions

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Source of life, it quenches, refreshes, moisturizes ... In short, it is essential. What water to give your child? What are his needs? Is tap water reliable? To know it, take our quiz: a cruise between real news and received ideas.

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The water requirements of a child are higher than those of an adult.

That's right. It's wrong.


The water needs of children, especially infants, are three to five times higher than in adults (35 milliliters of water per day and per kilogram, and 90 to 140 in infants). Because the skin of a baby offers, in proportion, a greater surface, and the evaporation by perspiration is all the more important. Its needs are largely covered by the milk it absorbs daily, but during hot weather, in case of acute diarrhea or if it has fever, it is necessary to give it water regularly to avoid the dehydration.



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