Guénael pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Guénael pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Guénael comes from the Celtic terms "gwen" and "hael" meaning respectively "happy" and "generous".


French politician Guénhaël Huet, French football player Guénaël Le Maux, French rugby player Guénael Henri.
Saint Gwenaël or Guenaël is a Breton saint of the 6th century. Successor of Saint Guénolé, he restored several monasteries in Ireland before spreading his cult in the west of Brittany. The parish church of Ergué-Gabéric in Finistère is dedicated to him under the name of Saint Guinal. He founded a monastery in Caudan, a town in the Brittany region, where there is a Saint Guénaël chapel. Several other parish churches are in his name.

His character :

Thanks to its delicacy and sensitivity, Guénael is an extremely endearing person. Full of optimism, he exudes a real joie de vivre. Very open to the world, he is always looking for new discoveries. With a winning temperament, Guénael does not give up on chess. Pretty conformist, he has a great professional conscience. Determined and dynamic, nothing and no one can stop it.
Extraverted and very sociable, Guénael appreciates human contacts. This helpful and available person is capable of a lot of sacrifices for others. Paradoxically, Guénael is a rather shy being who cherishes tranquility and calm.


Guenhael, Gwenael, Gwenhael, Gwenal, Ganael, and Guenahel.

His party :

People named Guénael are honored on November 3rd.

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