Name Godfroy - Meaning and origin

Name Godfroy - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Of Germanic origin, the name Godfroy, derived from Godefroy (contraction of "god" - god, and "frid" - peace), means "the peace of God".


There is no famous Godfroy. On the other hand, for the variants of this first name, one can quote Charles Godefroy, French aviator, Godfrey Harold Hardy, British mathematician, and Godefroy de Bouillon, free knight and first sovereign of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

Geoffroy d'Amiens is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church. This French priest was appointed Bishop of Amiens at the time of the Council of Troyes in 1104. Geoffroy d'Amiens pleaded for the causes of the poor. Fearing civil war, he retired to the Grande Chartreuse and returned to Amiens in 1115. Ill, Geoffroy d'Amiens took refuge in Saint-Crépin (Soissons) where he died.

His character :

Bubbling, confident and authoritarian, Godfroy is a man of action. To come true, he needs to move on. He has a taste for adventure and likes to travel. Godfroy does not tolerate authority and always has his own rules. With a rough appearance and a serious face, Godfroy establishes respect. Vigorous, he can rely on his physique to succeed and is also a natural cunning, in the good sense of the word. Responsible, he is trustworthy. His natural authority drives him to lead teams. His dedication is appreciated and his sense of humor is useful to him to manage the conflicts within his group. With his strong character, Godfroy is far from easy to influence.


Godefroy, Godfrey, Godfrey, Geoffrey, Godefert, Gottfried, Godfrin and Geoffrey.

His party :

The Godfroys are celebrated on November 8th.

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