Gislaine Meaning - Origin

Gislaine Meaning - Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Gislaine comes from the two terms "ghil" and "lind" which mean "hostage" and "sweet".


Ghislaine Arabian is a famous chef of Belgian origin. She specializes in French and Flemish cuisine.
Ghislaine Schoeller is a writer of French origin.
Saint Ghislain, born in Greece in the 7th century, founded the monastery that bears his name in Belgium.

His character :

Rather discreet, reserved and distant, Gislaine is a woman who appears inaccessible. It seems indeed disconcerting and elusive. Impulsive and introverted, she does not leave indifferent. She likes to cultivate her originality and attract the attention of others. It is independent and claims its particularities. She can be considered proud. Pretty capturer and possessive, she does not like to share or lend. She is also attached to artificial things. She cherishes more than anything beautiful things. Gislaine is basically determined and endowed with a strong will. With her very critical mind, she communicates badly and lacks tact. At the professional level, she is very active, tenacious and efficient. However, she tends to shirk her responsibilities.
At the same time full of life and discreet, his synthetic intelligence allows him to choose the best way to reach his objectives. Appearingly shy, she has a huge confidence in her. Thirsty for recognition and understanding, Gislaine is a woman full of charm and joie de vivre.


Ghyslaine, Chizlaine, Ghislaine, Gyslaine

His party :

The people named Gislaine are celebrated on October 10th.

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