Name Gayane - Meaning of the Name

Name Gayane - Meaning of the Name

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The name Gayane is a derivative of Gaia and Gayané. In the Greek language, he refers to Gaia, the goddess of mythology who gave birth to all forms of life. In Armenian, this name is related to Gayané, a Christian martyr.


Gaia is the name of a goddess of Greek mythology.
Gaia Weiss is an actress of French origin and a model.

The Gayane are celebrated the same day as Saint Caius, 28th Bishop of Rome and Pope. This name is also celebrated at the same time as that of St. Gayane, a "Roman" virgin considered as one of the three famous saints of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

His character :

Gayane is a girl with a strong personality and a certain charisma. Authoritarian and voluntary, he is a real tomboy. Demonstrating ambition, authority and courage, she knows how to use her boundless energy and strength of character. Gayane keeps her feet on the ground, even if she is sometimes light, superficial and materialistic. Like boys, she shows great impatience, going almost to hyperactivity. Far from being a problem, this aspect of his personality allows him to take down a lot of work faster. However, by concentrating on her work, she can be intolerant, even aggressive with those around her. Possessing a strong spirit of contradiction, Gayane does not have an easy character! She may be stubborn or bad-tempered, which makes her unpopular with some of her colleagues and relatives.


Gaia, Gaian and Gaya.

His party :

The Gayane are celebrated on April 22nd or September 28th.

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