Name Fideline - Meaning and Origin

Name Fideline - Meaning and Origin

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The name "Fideline" comes from the Latin "fides" meaning "faith". This feminine given name can be translated as "faithful", "reliable", "honest" or "worthy".


The Belgian novelist Fidéline Dujeu known among others for "Guère d'Homme".

His character :

Fideline gives the image of a proud and haughty person. She stands out most often by her distant attitude toward others. Cold-haired and proud, this woman wearing a mask of austerity actually has a very developed conservation instinct. Hypersensitive, she retreats behind a fortress of coldness to protect herself. Although this solution seems somewhat radical, solitude suits him perfectly. It protects against any aggression by isolating itself voluntarily. Fideline has a remarkable intuition allowing her to effectively gauge each situation.

Authoritarian, Fideline cruelly lacks tolerance and flexibility. As a result, she can quickly become offensive in front of a rude person or in the face of mediocrity. She is naturally carved to become an effective leader. Very insightful, she identifies the character of her interlocutors and manipulates them accordingly. Admittedly, she will be a tyrannical leader and little appreciated, but the results will be at the rendezvous. As a parent of little Fideline, you will need to instill in her the value of the other, patience, temperance, flexibility and tolerance. On the other hand, it will take patience and perseverance to teach him the meaning of empathy, a character from which she is completely deprived.


Fideline, Fidelina and Fidelis.

His party :

The day dedicated to Fideline is scheduled for April 24.

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