Name Eustache - Meaning of origin

Name Eustache - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Eustache comes from the Greek "eustakhios" which means "fertile" or "fertile".


The painter Eustache Le Sueur, the musician Eustache du Caurroy, the poet Eustache Deschamps.

Saint Eustache d'Ancyre was a Christian martyr. Legend says he was tortured and thrown into a river.

Eustache or Eustathe is also the name of a Roman saint martyr of the 2nd century. It is said of him that he was an excellent general. Generous and very charitable, he only converted to Christianity after witnessing a miracle. He was then baptized with his wife and two children. Stripped of all his possessions, he will regain his place and status a few years later. Refusing to prostrate himself before the old gods, he will be scalded with all his family.

His character :

Eustache is a persevering and determined person. His will and daring reveal his authentic charisma. He will often impose himself as a leader in all kinds of situations. Eustache is also a lover of the truth. Friendship is sacred to him and he will not forgive the slightest treason. Eustache will have a blind trust in his friends and family. He is also a considerate and stable man.


Stacie, Stazio, Stacey, Eustace, Eustacia, Eustasius, Eustatius and Eustazio.

His party :

The Eustache are celebrated on July 28th.

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