Eliad Meaning - Origin and Names

Eliad Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This biblical name derives from "Elijah" in reference to the prophet of the same name. It means "God is my God" in Hebrew.


Eliad Cohen is an Israeli actor, producer, model and entrepreneur known as co-founder of Gay-ville.
Eliad Floréa is a violinist trained at the CNR in Paris, 1st violin and chamber music in 1996.
Eliad Karin is a surgeon-physician in the Department of General Surgery at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Eliad Josephson is an American producer and entrepreneur running a studio in Los Angeles.

His character :

Eliad is tenacious. Thus, it is not always easy to make him change his mind even when he is wrong in his decisions. Because of his strong character, he is also likely to encounter some difficulties in society. Indeed, his mere presence instinctively puts others on the defensive, because the native emerges a certain aura. Faced with this situation, his leitmotiv will consist in living by caring only about his own person. Expecting nothing from others allows him, among other things, to avoid disappointment. Eliad has great self-confidence. However, he prefers to lead a quiet life and flourish away from prying eyes. Internally, Eliad has a great deal of shyness. This is mainly due to his tendency to worry too much about the consequences of his actions. If he wants to break free, the boy must learn not to be interested in the reactions of others. Behind his phlegmatic appearance, the native also has a devastating impulsiveness. Finally, Eliad has the qualities of a good father.


Eliaz, Elyaz, Elead, Elia, Elida, Elihad and Elhad.

His party :

There is no known date dedicated to Eliad.

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