Name Dino - Meaning and origin

Name Dino - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Italians

Meaning of the name:

The name "Dino" is the diminutive name of many Italian names such as Bernardino, Orlandino, Armandino ... Its origin is however the Greek "denis", affiliated with Dionusios or Dionysus (God of the vineyard, wine and delirium ecstatic in Greek mythology).


Italian writer Dino Buzzati, Italian director and screenwriter Dino Risi, Italian footballer Dino Zoff, Italian-Canadian wrestler Dino Bravo, Croatian basketball player Dino Radja, Italian filmmaker Dino de Laurentiis, Italian cyclist Dino Bruni Italian actor Dino Tavarone, Italian rowing rower Dino Barsotti ...

His character :

Dino has a certain tendency to stay on the defensive. Although he is a reserved person, he is not introverted. Intelligent and insightful, he is moderately communicative, he especially likes to remain quiet to be able to cogitate and reflect on the mysteries of life. Its main asset? He has a steel mind that helps him to excel in difficult times. With a good analytical ability, he is also attentive and very attentive, which makes him a good confidant and a useful advisor.


Din, Dinh and Din.

His party :

No party date known for Dino.

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