Name Dhélia - Meaning of the Name

Name Dhélia - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

First name associated with the Greek mythology and particularly with Diane, the term "dhélia" is used to designate a "native of Delos".


Two-time world champion surf-tandem Dhélia Birou and actress Dhelia Rudnik.

St. Diana was born into an illustrious family in the thirteenth century and became a nun after giving up all her property despite the prohibition of her parents. With Saint Jordan, she contributed to the founding of a convent of Dominicans where she died in 1256.

His character :

Dhélia's character is strongly marked by her impulsiveness and her capricious nature. She refuses to submit to any order and intends to impose her personality. Possessing a woman-child side, Dhélia easily succeeds in being forgiven. She does not hesitate to use her charm to get what she wants. Spontaneous and lively, she is always ready to set the mood. Dhélia is a friend that we appreciate easily because it is also very sensitive inside. She can not refuse to help a loved one. She thus testifies to a great generosity. Ambitious and determined, she does not let anyone take away the desire to succeed.


Delhia, Dehlya, Dellya, Delio and Dellia.

His party :

The Dhélia are honored on June 9th.

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