Name Cyriane - Meaning of the Name

Name Cyriane - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

French, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Cyriane means "Lord" in Greek.


Still no known celebrity. Your little princess may be?

Saint Cyran was Count of Bourges in the seventh century. He gave his inheritance to the poor and set out to worship the holy places in Palestine. He founded two abbeys on his return, including Saint-Cyran in Berry. He died around the year 695.

His character :

Easy going, because often in a good mood, Cyriane is distinguished by his sympathy. His positive state of mind leads him to see things on the right side. Nice company, we never get bored with her, because she likes to spend nice moments with her family. Cultivated and enamored of knowing, she appreciates the moments of sharing she lives with those around her. This energetic person does not hesitate to make substantial efforts to carry out his missions. From a very young age, one notices at Cyriane a great will of accomplishment. Loving the job well done, she develops a perfectionist nature that pushes her to always give the best of herself whatever she undertakes. While expanding her knowledge, she learns to strengthen her character by growing up, inducing a foolproof determination to achieve her goal. At school, Cyriane is a cheerful child, curious about everything, shining through her adaptability.


Cyra, Cyrana, Cyrana, Cyranna, Cyrana, Cyriana, Cyrianne, Siranna, Syriana, Syrian, Syrian.

His party :

The Cyriane are celebrated on March 18th.

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