Name Coralie - Meaning and origin

Name Coralie - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name Coralie has its origin in Celtic carent which means "kinship", associated with the word kar which refers to "friend". This name also finds an origin in the Greek Kore which means "girl". You choose !


Coralie Clément, whose real name is Marie-Laure Collin, French actress of the 70s (Diabolo mint), Coralie Ferreira, culinary stylist, the stylist Coralie Barbier, known to dress the singer Stromae, Coralie Poelvoorde, wife of the actor Benoît Coralie Poelvoorde, the swimmer Coralie Balmy ...

No saint bears the name Coralie (or any of her derivatives). For etymological reasons, it is celebrated on May 18th with Saint Dioscore, martyr of the 5th century.

His character :

Charm and generosity perfectly sum up Coralie's personality. With a sweetness to melt the soul, Coralie is endowed with a magnetism that leaves no one indifferent. Behind his doe's eyes hides an iron will and an exemplary determination to realize his dreams.


Cora, Coral, Coral, Coralia, Coralina, Coral, Corallina, Coraly, Coralyne.

His party :

Coralie is celebrated on May 18th.

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