Name Cladie - Meaning of the Name

Name Cladie - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

Cladie is a feminine given name whose current attribution is becoming rarer. It means "lame" if we refer to its original meaning in Latin.


No known Cladie yet ... will your little wonder change things?

The Cladies are under the protection of St. Claudia who lived towards the third century. During the persecution ordered by Emperor Diocletian, she was martyred by her attackers. She is honored on February 15th.

His character :

Cladie is recognizable by her assertive and authoritarian character that gives her natural leadership. She has enough qualities to become an excellent leader. She is intelligent, independent and quickly finds solutions to a given situation. On a daily basis, she appears as someone rigid and uncompromising in her directives. Seriousness and rigor seem to be his watchwords, especially in his work. Her temperament can nevertheless be relativised since she still retains a great deal of femininity.


Clady, Clair, Clara, Clarence, Claudie, Claude, Claudette, Claudia, Claudiane, Claire-Agnes, Claire-Alix and Claire-Alice.

His party :

The Cladies are celebrated on February 15th.

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