First Name - Meaning and origin

First Name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name is attributed to some newborns since the twentieth century. It derives from the German karl which means "strong".


Caline Barbizet is the widow of the famous pianist Pierre Barbizet, former director of the Conservatoire de Région de Marseille. She is the author of the book "Pierre Barbizet, the singing of a piano".
Caline Muller is a painter originally from Dijon, specialized in drawing and modeling live models or watercolor. She won the bronze medal at the Salon des artistes français.
Caline Georgette is a rock band, whose merger with the group Yelemba of Abidjan gave birth in 2000 to the famous group "Akeikoi".

His character :

Like the phonetics of her first name, Caline has a look and a class. It has a certain nobility as well as fine and regular features. Her phenomenal beauty gives her an irresistible side that she knows how to exploit. Caline cares a lot about her appearance, hence her choice to always dress with a certain elegance. His taste for luxury and aesthetics guaranteed him a successful career in the world of decoration, sewing or drawing. On a daily basis, she is discreet in nature. This trait of his personality, however, does not prevent him from being comfortable in society. As a family, Caline does not instinctively have the reflexes of a mother. She will develop them gently at the birth of her children. It also sometimes adopts paradoxical behaviors that make it difficult to identify. It is distinguished by a sentimental side well complementing its assets of seduction. In her life, Caline is especially looking for tranquility and peaceful moments.


Kaline, Kalina, Calina, Carline, Charline, Calie, Caline, Ceylon, Carolyn and Cathleen.

His party :

Caline is celebrated on May 6th.

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