The rag doll

The rag doll

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Made with love, this doll, unique in the world, will only compete with the other dolls in her collection! All you need is an old T-shirt, fabric markers and two or three other things to make it.

The rag doll (4 pics)


1 white t-shirt too small?
fabric felts?
polystyrene beads or kapok for stuffing
a pencil ?
wire and a needle.

Step 1

Reproduce a simplified doll pattern on the sheet and place it under the tee-shirt to draw the silhouette of the doll on the fabric (front and back) with the pencil.

2nd step

Have your child draw with the fabric markers the clothes on his doll as well as a face, hair ...

Step 3

Cut the doll into the two layers of the T-shirt and sew them together. Leave an opening a few inches to fill it with kapok or polystyrene beads and close the body of the doll.
She is beautiful !