Name Broderick - Meaning and origin

Name Broderick - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Welsh language, the name Broderick means "son of great governor".


William Broderick Crawford is an American actor.
Broderick Steven "Steve" Harvey is a comedian, television and radio host, actor and also an American author.
Broderick Zerpa is a versatile sports journalist of Venezuelan descent, a columnist, a radio and TV presenter.
Broderick Lee Thomas is a former professional football player.
Broderick Perkins is a former professional baseball player.

His character :

Broderick is a balanced boy. In his life in general, he seeks stability, peace and harmony. Focusing on some form of routine, he struggles to get rid of his little habits. Often lacking spontaneity, it becomes almost predictable by repeating the same things. Despite this aspect of his personality, Broderick has many qualities. Very voluntary, he enjoys participating in social or humanitarian activities. When a task is entrusted to him, he does everything in his power to carry it out and finish it in the time allotted. Regardless of the difficulty of the mission ahead or the number of obstacles in its path, Broderick will show great perseverance. When no time limit is imposed on him, he decides to do things at his own pace. Because of this character trait, people tend to take it for a lazy, which is absolutely not the case. Broderick also has a very sharp mind. Intelligent, he knows how to analyze all the situations that come his way to make the most of it.


There is no derivative with the first name Broderick.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Broderick.

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