Branislav Meaning - Origin

Branislav Meaning - Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Used in several Slavic countries, the name Branislav means "glory" or "protection".


Branislav Ivanović is a Serbian footballer. Branislav Pokrajac is a former Serbian handball player.

Branislav Matic Beli was a Serbian businessman who was one of the founders and main financiers of the Serbian Guard.

Branislav Lecic is a Serbian actor and politician who became Minister of Culture during the government of Zoran Djinjic. Branislav Škripek is a Slovak politician.

His character :

Branislav is a rather reserved and secretive boy. Having a tendency to internalize everything he feels, his entourage thinks he is phlegmatic and mysterious. In reality, he is an introvert who is cautious, suspicious or worried about his surroundings. This shy man has a pronounced tendency to introspection and he does not engage easily in relationships. Before acting, Branislav analyzes the situation and all the consequences of his actions. Once he has weighed and measured all the options and his decision is made, he will throw himself body and soul into what he has decided. Although being shy, nervous and focused, he can demonstrate dynamism and a combative spirit out of the ordinary. In the work, he shows courage and determination. Also showing some magnetism, he can surprise his colleagues when he goes out of his silence to propose innovative and interesting ideas. On a daily basis, Branislav is straight, honest and loyal.


Branko, Bronislas, Bronislav and Bronislaw.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Branislav.

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