Name Bettina - Meaning of origin

Name Bettina - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Bettina is a name that derives from Hebrew "elisaba" meaning "God is fullness". Etymological studies also reveal that this name comes from the word "elischeba" which can be translated as "God is my oath".


Bettina Von Arnim, German writer and novelist, Bettina Rheims, French photographer, Bettina Zimmermann, German actress.

His character :

In her daily life, Bettina has a lot of courage and a lot of willpower. His determination allows him to face all the difficulties that stand in his way to achieve his goals. She is an enterprising woman who does not like to be inactive. In a group, she likes to stand out, which leads her to be very attentive to her image. Her personality naturally pushes her to be brilliant on a professional level. She has all the qualities to succeed.


Betina, Bettyna, Betty, Beth, Belinda and Bella.

His party :

The Bettina are celebrated on November 17th.

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