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Name Bassem - Meaning of thumbs and names

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Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Bassem means "smiling" or "radiant".


Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian cardiologist and television host.
Bassem Yakhour is an actor of Syrian origin.
Bassem Feghali is a Lebanese comedian, a singer and a drag-queen.
Bassem Boulaabi is a footballer of Tunisian origin.
Bassem Amin is a great master of chess.

His character :

Bassem is a shy boy, worried and secretive. To hide this aspect of his personality, he does not hesitate to be distant and haughty with others. He usually sports this suspicious behavior in the face of a situation he does not understand. That's why he does everything to appear calm and calm, no matter the circumstances. In reality, Bassem is an introverted and hypernervous being. He does not appreciate emotional outbursts or spontaneous reactions. Superficiality and artifice do not interest him. Constantly on the defensive, he does not know how to react to unforeseen events. However, he compensates for his lack of responsiveness by being serious and honest in everything he undertakes. Bassem is a disciplined boy who clings to his beliefs and principles. Hate all forms of change, he prefers to live in the routine where he is more comfortable. Quiet and always in search of security, he likes to fall back on himself in order to think or to read and study. Although hating all that is superficial, Bassem appreciates comfort. A materialist, he likes money and can be very interested in certain opportunities.


Basem and Bacem.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the first name Bassem.

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