Name Barclay - Meaning and origin

Name Barclay - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

It seems that the name Barclay is taken from the English word berkeley which means "birch wood" or "birch valley". It is the name of a common Maryland in the United States.


Barclay Goodrow, Canadian ice hockey player, Barclay Hope, actor and Canadian-born producer.

His character :

Barclay is a boy with a strong personality. Dynamic, energetic and courageous, he is passionate about everything he undertakes. He knows how to impose his ideas and assert his opinions gently or firmly as the case may be.
Barclay has a great sense of justice and hates any form of inequality. On a daily basis, he does his best to live in harmony with his surroundings and is very sociable.


Berkeley, Barklay

His party :

There is no holiday profile for the surname Barclay.

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