Name Aventine - Meaning of the origin

Name Aventine - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Aventine means "advent".


No known Aventine yet ...

Saint Aventine of Troyes was originally from Berrichon. He went to Troyes to become a disciple of Saint Wolf, then bishop. When the latter died, Aventine became the cellarer of his successor, the Camelian bishop. At the origin of several miracles, Saint Aventine chooses to retire to live as a hermit to devote himself to contemplation and asceticism. He died in 537 in his cottage at Verrieres, near a deserted chapel. After his death, miracles continued to occur on his grave.

His character :

The main goal of Aventine is to be appreciated, loved and protected by those around it. Aventine has a certain charm that she knows how to use to achieve her goals.


The male variant of Aventine is Aventine.

His party :

Aventine is celebrated on February 4, on the occasion of Saint Aventine.

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