Name Armel - Meaning and origin

Name Armel - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Celtic, French, Originals

Meaning of the name:

The name Armel is composed of two Celtic roots "arz" and "mael", which mean respectively "bear" and "prince, warrior".
Also considered a variant of "Armagilius", Armel is "the one who dominates the waves".


Professor Armel Hugh Diverrès (specialist in medieval French literature), the poet Armel Guerne, the French politician Armel Pécheul, the French sociologist Armel Huet, the French professional navigator and skipper Armel Tripon, the French director Armel Roussel, the writer Armel Louis (author of the "Dictionary of rhymes and assonances", Le Robert edition), the Belgian writer Armel Job ...

His character :

Armel has a double personality. Sometimes lazy, sometimes boiling, we do not know what to think of him. What we are sure of is that he likes to take his time. If we do not correct him from his childhood, he will have this annoying habit of putting off until tomorrow what can be done the same day! Head in the clouds, Armel often appears detached from this world.

Armel is an intellectual, in perpetual quest for knowledge. Before he can appreciate life, he wants to understand his reason for being. The questioning is frequent at home.


Armelle, Armele, Armelin, Arzel, Arzhel, Ermel, Hermel, Hermelin, Hermeline, Armale and Armau.

His party :

The people named "Armel" are honored on August 16th.

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