Name Ange - Characteristics

Name Ange - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Latin angelus, itself inspired by Greek agellos, the name Angel means "messenger". In general, the term angel refers to an intermediary between God and men. It is a heavenly creature sent by God. Its mission is to act according to the will of God or to transmit a divine message.


No famous Angels, but Angie ... American actresses Angie Dickinson (Bravo Rio, urges), Angie Everhart (Love in Paris) and Angie Harmon (New York Police Judicier). Angie is also the name of the daughter of David and Cathy Guetta, born in 2007 ...

St. Angelo was a priest of the order of the Carmelites of Palestine. This preacher of the second century preached in Sicily. He died around 1220 as a martyr.

His character :

Curious and courageous, Angel likes to discover unknown lands. Bold, she knows how to be patient with her plans and dreams. Having the sense of the sharing and the relational, it is intended for the professions of assistance to the person and the literary functions.


Angie, Angela, Angela, Angel, Angelina, Angelica, Angelo

His party :

The Angie are celebrated on May 5th.

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