Name Alessia - Meaning of origin

Name Alessia - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Alessia is the feminine form of Alexis, which means "defender of humanity" in Greek, the Santa Alessia.


Famous celebrities with this name include Italian singer Alessia Aquilani (better known as Alexia), French actress Alexia Barlier, French tennis player Alexia Dechaume ...

Alexis Falconieri is the 13th century founder of the Servants of Mary.

His character :

Alessia is an intelligent and observant person. Although she is frank and direct, she is often cautious before taking action. Full of charm, she is sure to please ... even if she sometimes has doubts. Neat, she likes stability and will find ways to succeed because it does not lack ambition, on the contrary! His passions ? Nature, animals, the land ...


Alesia, Alecia, Alexia.

His party :

The Alessia are celebrated on February 17th.

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