Name Alaoui - Meaning of thumbs

Name Alaoui - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, Alaoui means "a man of great spirit" or a "superior man".


No celebrities yet with this name.

His character :

Weighted, Alaoui displays from a young age a sovereign calm. Gentle and affable, he is also an endearing sincerity. Voluntary and resistant, Alaoui rarely refuses a game, especially physical. Possessing a strong character, Alaoui knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. This driving side will set him on the road to success. Indeed he believes in his lucky star. Taking and accepting things as they come, Alaoui does not panic over difficulties and makes time his ally.

He will accept the rules of his parents, but will turn them to his advantage. Luck is usually on his side. Focusing affectivity, Alaoui loves to surround himself with his family and friends on a daily basis. It is also a child who is fully realized in action. Alaoui finds his greatest source of satisfaction, which will make him a studious pupil and a future great worker. Perfectly combining luck, intelligence and the power of work, Alaoui will succeed his schooling. These qualities give him a good chance of succeeding in his life.


Alaouia, Allaoua, Allawi, Alaoua

His party :

No festival is specially attributed to the Alaoui to this day.

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