The Loire, by bike and family!

The Loire, by bike and family!

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Enjoy the beautiful days to go storming the castles of the Loire, family and bike! A very soft and perfectly secure course and a real souvenir factory! Here is your detailed itinerary, nicely concocted by the Regional Tourism Committee Center-Val de Loire for

Agnes Barboux

The Loire, by bike and family! (15 photos)

Your circuit Loire à vélo à mesure

Go storming the castles of the Loire, family and bike ?!
In total 170 km of a marked course, punctuated by the most beautiful castles and gardens of France ?! Do not panic, your little sportsman of 7 years will swallow 15 km without worries in about 1 hour and a quarter, the same thing in the afternoon ... especially since the circuit is very soft and perfectly secure. First and only bike route in France finalized and secure, the Loire bike extends 800 km from Cuffy (Cher) to Saint-Brévin-les-Pins (Loire-Atlantique).

Rent bikes!

For renting bikes, it's easy ?!To prepare your trip ?: The bike rental companies of the region, like Loire by bike. Detours de Loire, one of the largest, offers rental points in the main cities of the region or makes them available (such as at the train station). You can negotiate your luggage transfers or even bikes if you are tired.

Your detailed stay, steps in stages ...

In addition to the main castles of the Loire, "The Loire à Vélo?" serves directly or via links, sites and places particularly suitable for families ...

Here is your detailed itinerary, nicely concocted by the Regional Tourism Committee Center-Val de Loire for and.

Day 1

- Morning ?: arrival at Mer station.
- Recovery of bicycles on site. Sea => Chambord for 13 km, about 1 hour by bike.
- Visit of the National Domain of Chambord + lunch on the spot.
- Afternoon?: Chambord bike => Cheverny (circuit of the Pays des Châteaux à Vélo) = 17.5 km, approximately 1? h? 30.
- Visit of the castle of Cheverny and its museum of Tintin
- Dinner / accommodation at the bed and breakfast La Demalerie


- Chambord ?:
- Cheverny ?:
Bike rental ?:

Day 2

- Morning ?: Cheverny bike => Blois (circuit of the Pays des Châteaux by bike) = 16? Km, about 1 h 20 ?: visit to the castle of Blois + the house of magic
- Lunch on site in Blois 20 € / pers (lunch) ?: 80? €
- Afternoon?: bike Blois => Chaumont-sur-Loire, 22 km, about 2 hours.
- Visit the Regional Estate of Chaumont-sur-Loire, Arts and Nature Center
- Having dinner and accommodation on the spot in Chaumont - bed and breakfast La Maison du Pêcheur


- Castle of Blois and House of Magic ?:
- Chaumont-sur-Loire ?:
The guest room ?:

Day 3

- Morning ?: Chaumont => Amboise = 25 km, about 2h15 by bike.
- Visit of Amboise Castle
- Visit Clos Lucé Leonardo Da Vinci Park with lunch on site at Clos Lucé
- Visit of the Pagoda of Chanteloup
- Dinner and accommodation Chaptal Hotel
- Having dinner : The Lion d'Or restaurant


- Amboise Castle ?:
- Clos Lucé Castle ?:


- The Chanteloup Pagoda ?:
- Hotel Chaptal ?:

Day 4

- Morning ?: Amboise bike => Tours = 27 km, about 2h30.
- Visit of the city of Tours (circuit visits Enter Court of Great).
- Lunch on site in Tours (place Plumereau for example).
- Afternoon?: Bike Tours => Villandry = 15 km, about 1h10.
- Visit of the castle and gardens of Villandry -
- Dinner and accommodation Hotel le Colombien


- General visit of the city of Tours (2 hours) ?:
- Château and Gardens of Villandry ?:
- Hotel Colombian ?:

Day 5

- Morning ?: Bike Villandry => Azay the Rideau, visit the troglodyte valley of Goupillières - = 15 km, about 1? Hour - go visit the castle of Azay le Rideau = 3? Km by bike
- Lunch on the spot
- Afternoon?: Azay le Rideau => Langeais = 15.5 km, about 1h15.
- Visit of Langeais Castle
- Dinner and bed and breakfast accommodation L'Ange est Rêveur


The troglodyte valley of Goupillières ?:
- Château d'Azay le Rideau ?: (price list, drop-down menu)
- Château de Langeais ?:
- Bed and breakfast accommodation L'Ange est Rêveur ?:
Dinner suggestion - restaurant Le Coin des Halles?

Day 6

- Morning ?: Train Langeais => Tours Center (return bikes at Detours de Loire 100 m from the station)
- Lunch on site in Tours, (menu at € 20 per person): € 80.
- Free time to visit Tours les Halles, place Plumereau, the House of Loire wines ...
- Train back to Paris.