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Why does not he still speak?

Why does not he still speak?

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Dad, mom, "awouar" for "goodbye" ... 2 years ago, this is the only bag of words that your apprentice speaker seems to have. A little light? Rest assured, he is not the only one to delay speaking and that does not prevent him from knowing how to communicate.

His cousins, his crèche friends ... you noticed that some young people of his age were beginning to formulate real sentences. While yours, it is content with babbling! Rest assured, he is not the only one. According to the Federation of Speech-Language Pathologists, 20 to 25% of refractories are in this case at the entrance to kindergarten.

He does not speak ... but communicates

  • Not very talkative? This is rarely the case. If you have trouble deciphering his language, you probably hear him exclaim, launch onomatopoeia accompanied by gestures: he communicates! If he does not speak well, it does not prevent him from going to other children and playing with them. Observe it, you will surely capture a whole body strategy set up to be understood ...

Why does not he speak?

  • Like all children, it can not progress at the same rate in all areas. If he has walked early enough, if he is willing to eat alone or go without diapers ... he will hang out a bit to start talking.
  • His place in the siblings is very important. If he is the last, his elders may understand better than you the distorted words and serve as interpreters. Thus translated, why would he tire to pronounce better?
  • Another explanation: your attention to it. If you, his parents, or the people who look after him (his nanny for example), show you too eager and anticipate his slightest desires, why would he make language efforts!

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