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Fear of insects: how to reason?

Fear of insects: how to reason?

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Just arrived in the countryside, your child screams: "Help, there is a beast in my room!" What do you find? A little spider. Why is he panicked by an insect?

The problem

At sea, your child imagines that the sand is invaded by critters ready to climb him on the body ... In the countryside, he is convinced that the spiders will devour him raw. Your child is really terrified and this can make him capricious or even unpleasant.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He is unhappy, anxious. Sometimes this fear can cause awakenings at night, nightmares.
  • You.Seeing him so worries you too. You would not like him to develop a phobia in adulthood!

He is afraid of insects because he has already been stung

Remember, some time ago he was stung by a bee. For you, it was not a big deal. And yet, obviously, this has marked your child. He had pain and especially fear. Fear is a useful defense since it protects ... but not enough!

  • What has to be done. Be attentive to his reactions. Explain that the bee stung him because he moved and felt in danger. Pass him some mosquito ointment, while explaining to him his usefulness: to keep the flying insects away and to prevent them from landing on him.
  • What to tell him. "Bees are not bad: they sting to defend themselves", "This cream protects you, mosquitoes will not want to approach you.

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