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Loss of appetite, what to do?

Loss of appetite, what to do?

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Your child has no appetite and meals become a real ordeal. You worry and he, feeling guarded, tense, resists and sometimes plays ... What to do? The point with Dr. Catherine Laurençon.


He has less appetite because his needs are changing

  • In her first year, your baby had taken 25 cm! But since then, his curves of weight and height are bending, even if he grows to 10-12 cm. Normal that he eats less ...

What has to be done :

  • This has been going on for a few weeks? Consult your pediatrician. He will measure, weigh your child ... and reassure you! A dental flare, an ear infection, an allergy or a small emotional problem can be the cause of this lack of appetite.
  • The doctor will prescribe a course of trace elements: a copper-gold-silver dose alternating with manganese-copper for a month and a half. Phyto side, a few drops of dandelion extract in fruit juice will give a boost.
  • What to tell him. "You're not very hungry because you're a bit wicked, what dish would you like?"

He's busy elsewhere ... and lost his appetite

  • For a few weeks, he has been walking. He plans to take the opportunity to explore the vast world. Eating is no longer his priority!

What has to be done :

  • The meal is an opportunity to continue his "explorations". Suggest that he participate in the preparation of the dinner. At the table, let him peck the small pieces on his plate and touch the textures ... Above all, abbreviate meals!
  • What to tell him. "I'm peeling the beans ... you want to make a soup with me, it's you who puts them in the pan."

He says no ... refusing to eat!

  • At around 18 months, your child needs to assert his likes and dislikes. Fine fly, he sees well that his "No do not love you!" You are upset. He likes to feel the energies mobilized around him.

What has to be done :

  • Do not give in to blackmail. No question of serving him anything other than the planned dish, let alone two desserts to compensate. To eat only pasta and yoghurt, your child would miss some nutrients.
  • But accept that he has preferences, offer him various foods. In the morning, small neighborhoods of fruit, yogurts, a compote or - rather 18 months - a toast and a little ham.
  • Do not "gavez" it too much: the breakfast cereals are too rich at 1 year and can cut off the appetite for the next meal.
  • What to tell him. "You've already had your dessert, next time you'll eat your dish better ..."

Mom's words

"Until recently, our daughter was a real" stomach on legs. "But for some time, she sorted her food, she quibbles about everything, but she does not like it being taken off her plate ... she's coming back! The pediatrician reassured us that it was a normal passage at her age: eating is not her priority, she discovers other things ... And she is in shape, so no worries ! "Muriel, mom of Hermione, 2 years old.  

Agnès Barboux, with Dr. Catherine Laurençon, pediatrician homeopath health nutrition.