Not easy to be a future mom!

Not easy to be a future mom!

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What does the life of a future mother look like? Line Severinsen, Norwegian illustrator, was inspired by her two pregnancies to make us smile. We, we love it!

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Not easy to be a future mom! (15 photos)

Eat for two ...

Eating for two is envy when you're pregnant! It also happens to have cravings and weird envies ...

It gets complicated!

Not easy to put on your sneakers or other shoes when the belly becomes very present ... a little too much!

A strange feeling

The impression of having an alien in the belly, it can take at times ... when he makes antics.

Great benefits ...

Watermelon, it is not only in the stomach, the breasts are also growing ... and sometimes it's good!

What is this belly?

Pick up your keys or anything else on the floor ... a mission almost impossible when you're pregnant. Need a hand ?

Where is the toilet?

Thanks to the hormones and the weight of baby that grows on the bladder ... urgent desires are the lot of all pregnant women.

When are real nights?

It looks like that the nights of a future mother ...

You said emotional?

Only a future mother is able to cry in front of a delivery scene ... It remains to be seen if it is by fear or emotion ...

We celebrate ?

Pregnancy is 0 alcohol! It is true that this year, the party was less crazy, but you will catch up next year (or not!)

In the morning when getting dressed

Difficult the last weeks ... especially when getting dressed!

Future music lover

It seems he hears well in utero ... so why not push the ditty!

Scene of jealousy not ordinary

The famous couvade of the future dad ... who will have the biggest belly?


Who said that pregnancy hormones were a sight of the mind?


It's not that I have bad temper ... but stop wanting to touch my belly at all costs!

Time bomb

The date is coming ... ticking! To say we can not wait is a euphemism!


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