No television at the table!

No television at the table!

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new number of the collection "The Essentials of: 54 tracks so that it eats of everything", sold with the September issue of. Today, zoom on TV ...

  • Focus on what's on the plate, it is very good. But to achieve this, it would also be necessary to remove distractions that distract attention and cut feelings.
  • The worst enemy of meals would be television. Studies have shown that looking at it by eating bypasses the transmission of information from food to the brain completely. A few hours after the meal, how to remember what was swallowed? In other words, you have not really tasted what you had in your mouth. In addition, you eat more in front of the television, but also later in the day, since the brain did not record anything. A real problem for people - child or adult - overweight.
  • So, if your child is eating before you, no question of installing it in front of his favorite show to keep him company. And when the family is complete, no television.

Not even a TV set?

  • Exceptionally, it is of course possible without harming his taste buds. But you have to make it a party. There too, your child can participate in the preparation of his tray, with good things unusual and reserved for these occasions. The more rare these moments are, the more they are appreciated. Wait until he is at least 4-5 years old to enjoy it.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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