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Panic at the circus! : episode 3

Panic at the circus! : episode 3

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While investigating mysterious disappearances at the Popof circus, the Zipo clown finds himself unjustly suspected! Will he manage to save his head and tonight's performance? Quickly, let's raise the curtain on the sequel!

  • In the evening, Zipo gets ready in his trailer. The show will begin soon. Suddenly, he hears coughing at the director. He understands : "But ... Manolo lied! He can not have spoken to Mr. Zakouski, he is in bed. It's weird."
  • At this moment, he sees the acrobat there, who sneaks quietly into the tent. Curious, Zipo follows him. Kneeling behind the scenes, Manolo is tampering with the unicycle wheel.
  • Zipo rushes: " Hep, you! "But, whamhe's getting entangled in his big shoes. Manolo takes advantage of the fall of Zipo to escape.
  • A boundhe enters the track and climbs along a rope at full speed. The spectators applaud this funny acrobat. Zipo straddles the unicycle and starts chasing him. But, hula, this sabotaged machine goes all wrong!
  • Up there, the acrobat too is in trouble. He rushes on a trapeze that he himself coated with soap this morning! The trapeze slips, Manolo falls into the void... and lands right on Zipo's shoulders.
  • What a shock ! Zipo holds on, then tumbles onto the track. And crache crushes his hat, spitting a large green jet on Manolo. The audience is laughing.
  • Back behind the scenes, the two artists are congratulated by the whole troupe. But Manolo is not proud of him. He admits: "The circus boss Patatini sent me sabotaging your numbers. He wanted to miss everything so that the spectators do not come to you anymore! I hid the stuff stolen from Tina. I apologize !"
  • After discussion, the acrobat is forgiven. Zipo even has a number to offer. From now on, he is no longer alone on stage. And the flying clowns Zipo and Manolo have a nice success. The Popof circus has not finished making people jealous ...


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A story written by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Aurélie Guillerey, published in the magazine J'apprends à lire, Milan jeunesse.