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We are passionate about the rights of the child!

We are passionate about the rights of the child!

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And we are full of books, magazines, records ... to talk about the rights of the child. All together ! Discover our selection. (News of 21 and 22/11/2009)

An album

I have the right to be a child ... the right to have a name, a name, a family that smiles on me, to have to drink and eat. I have the right to live under a roof, to be treated, to run ... a beautiful album with beautiful and colorful illustrations on each double page.

  • I have the right to be a child, by Alain Serres and Aurélia Fronty, ed. Street of the world, 14 .


All at the kiosk! For their special children's rights campaign, all monthly Milan Jeunesse have the logo on the cover: It's the month of the rights of the child. Like that, you can not miss them. Examples ?

  • Picoti (9 months-3 years) presents an episode of Miffy on the right to be protected and a parent file that takes stock of the rights of the child.
  • Top (3-6 years) offers a poster on the rights to education, to play and to have a family and of course also a Parents file on the subject.
  • History for children (2-6 years old) welcomes three fictional texts around justice, peace, the right to dream (it's such a sweet right ...).
  • All parent files are online on the Your Parents' Questions site.

A disk

We will never speak enough about Dominique Dimey. This immense artist, with his magnificent voice and infinite poetry, continues to sing the rights of children.

  • Open your hands, by Dominique Dimey, at Believe / Victorie Music, on 16 €.

A primer to color

A like Age, B as Well-being, the editions Le Sorbier and Amnesty international join to publish a playful ABC, history of putting color and words on the rights of the children.

  • ABC of the rights of the child, by Chritine Lesueur, ed. The Sorbier / Amnesty International, 10 €.

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