We do not find the right person by snapping fingers!

We do not find the right person by snapping fingers!

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 51 tips to live well its way of guard", sold with the number of May of. Today, zoom in on approved maternal assistance.

  • The approval is a guarantee label, but it is not enough. What is most important is trust. Never mind, you will take the time it takes to meet the one who will be responsible for the apple of your eye. Beyond all the amenities of the world, your eyes and your perception are the proof of absolute truth.
  • Enjoy the house of Assmat, Do you find it nice, clean, safe? Imagine your little Gaston in this environment? And she, do you find it, at first sight, patient, warm, dynamic, reassuring? Do not hesitate to ask that she make you visit her apartment, try to assess her personality, ask about the organization of a day with all the children. Does she take them to the square, to the toy library?
  • It may be despite its qualities beyond your expectations that you feel some reluctance. Your doubt may not be related to it, but rather to the legitimate concern you feel at detaching yourself from your treasure.
  • A little advice : to facilitate your interviews, establish the list of essential criteria for the care of your baby, it will help you skim and discern why you hesitate.

Frédérique Odasso

Custody: our other essential tips.

Find more information in "The Essentials of: 51 tips to live well his way of care", sold with the May issue, pocket size.

Dukan diet, winter diseases, allergies, sleep, nutrition, games and toys, back to school ... find other Essential tips.


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