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Test your patience, respect a code, collaborate with others, develop a plan of action, train your visual memory ... that's the game! Quickly discover our selection of games for your child from 3 years.

We play ? (5 photos)

Playing cards (from 3 years old)

The famous Mistigri game reviewed and corrected by illustrator 100Drine.
His +: the design that revisits a game as old as the world.
What it brings him: respect a code.
Cat Game, 100Drine for Atomic Soda
His price : 9,99 €.
Where to find it? Click here.

Wooden lotto (from 3 years old)

36 wooden pieces to have fun assembling images with the famous Babar.
His +: your child finds his favorite characters.
What it brings him: respect a code.
test his patience.
Babar and Badou, Vilac
His price : 17,90 €.
Where to find it? Click here.

Board game (from 4 years old)

To save the wizard, forest animals must roam the forest in search of the right ingredients.
His +: phosphorescent recipe cards.
What it brings him: respect a code.
collaborate with others
The Enchanted Forest, Bioviva at Le Bonhomme de bois
His price : 31,90 €.
Where to find it? Click here.

Strategy (from 4 years old)

A strategy game that consists of aligning as fast as possible 4 frogs of its color.
His +: a nice wooden game, painted by hand.
What it brings him: respect a code.
develop an action plan.
Lilly Frog, Sentosphère
His price : 21,90 €.
Where to find it? Click here.

Memory (from 4 years old)

Every child must find the shadow of the animals. The parties last only 15 minutes.
His +: the neat graphics.
What it brings him: respect a code.
train his visual memory.
Memo Silhouettes, Djeco
His price : 10,90 €.
Where to find it? Click here.


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