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Nanny, how to find her?

Nanny, how to find her?

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Between the "no place in a nursery", the shortage of nursery assistants in your neighborhood and your extended working hours, you have gone around the question: your child will be kept at home by a nanny! Yes, but how to find it? What are the formalities ? Our advices.

Nannies: the benefits

  • A person who takes care of your baby at home, happiness! Do not have to stress yourself at dawn by removing it from the arms of Morpheus is not displeasing to you. He will be able to sleep well in his bed and eat good balanced dishes made by you. He will spend quiet days in a universe familiar with his toys, preserved to the maximum risk of contamination of gastro and rhino of any kind. And for his socialization? The first year is not in a hurry, your child has plenty of time to make friends. So, even if this mode of care is expensive, you are ready to sacrifice to offer you such luxury!

How is a good nanny?

  • Of course, you do not expect to find a trilingual Mary Poppins, working 50 hours a week for just over the Smic, while ensuring awakening activities, household and organic meal preparation! You know very well that this "rare pearl" does not exist.
  • But, to discover the one with whom you agree, it is better to precisely define your needs and priorities, even before you start your search! What are your prerogatives in terms of schedules and salary? Will your nanny have to focus solely on your baby or do some household chores? Should she have substantial professional experience, be a graduate? Do you prefer it young or with more maturity? A little advice, establish a standard questionnaire with all your wishes.
  • Do not forget to add a part "Observations" which will allow you to evaluate your postulants at the time of the interviews: Is it smiling, dynamic, what were the reactions of your baby in his presence, etc.?

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