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Magnificent ! The World of Nemo, the most successful Disney-Pixar invites us to a spectacular dive into the ocean. To live with your family through the adventures of a fearless little fish and his daddy hen ...

The story of Nemo

  • Marin may be a clownfish, but he is not particularly funny for his only son, Nemo. Like a real hen dad, it forbids him to swim to the rock a little further ... especially as Nemo has a fin atrophied.
  • One day, Nemo revolts, and provokes his father. Horror, he finds himself trapped in a net under the eyes of Marin who brave all the dangers to find him ...

What you will love

  • Sailing with all kinds of fish in the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They are colorful, big and small, there are sea anemones, turtles, whales. After the film, take the opportunity to show your child a picture and develop his marine vocabulary.
  • Accessible humor: Dory, Marin's girlfriend, is funny, she does not remember anything! Moreover, if Marin still sees the bottle half empty, she sees it half full and does not look cold. She will make your toddler laugh. Finally, as always in Disney-Pixar movies, visual gags and language are numerous and within reach.
  • The courage of Nemo: the little fish is brave, it swims forward. Yet he has a handicap (that's also why his dad is worried) because he has a tiny flipper ... More serious, Nemo, as Bambi, loses his mom from the first minutes of the film.
  • 3D: Usually, we advise you with young children to opt for 2D because it is less scary. It would be a shame for Nemo! From 4 years old, prefer 3D, particularly successful. Of course, there are some terrible sharks (your child loves to be scared!), But this film is beautiful, cheerful and positive.
  • The World of Nemo, by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich, Disney-Pixar, 1:36.
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