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Mosquitoes: how to protect babies?

Mosquitoes: how to protect babies?

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The return of heat marks that of mosquitoes ... and the soft skin of your baby is tempting for them! How to protect it? Fortunately, there are parries.

What protection for my baby?

  • Before 6 months: a mosquito net bell or long clothes. At home, when your baby is in his cradle or cozy, prefer the mosquito net-bell to draped mosquito net because it could choke. When you go out, long clothes are the safest way to protect it, but choose a loose cotton so that it is not too hot. Most strollers also offer a mosquito net that fits directly on them. Convenient !
  • After 6 months: opt for products "for baby". For pediatrician Edwige Antier, it is better to avoid repellents: "They are never totally harmless". However, if your toddler is older than 6 months, you can use the products available in the pharmacy, specified "for baby", for the uncovered parts, avoiding the hands because your baby could put them in the mouth. Spray the repellent in your palms and not on your baby directly, then apply it on the desired areas.
  • And the mosquito nets? "The mosquito cups contain a product that is not recommended, you can use them when your baby is not in the room, as long as you wait for the product to be evacuated before putting it back in. Bracelets and other systems ultrasound, they are not very effective and often emit an unpleasant noise for the infant, "notes the pediatrician.

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