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Glasses or not glasses?

Glasses or not glasses?

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A coquetry in the eye, a vision a little lazy, myopic daddy ... Does your child need to wear glasses?

Wondering if your toddler has a good view? At the age when speech begins to settle, a visit to the ophthalmologist allows, through tests, to take stock. This exam is important for the future vision of your child. Detected in time, some problems can be corrected at 100%. For this assessment, it is advisable to choose a specialist in pediatrics, better equipped than an ophthalmologist for adults.

Why glasses?

  • Ophthalmologists know that if prescription glasses is not absolutely essentialthese will not be worn. The wearing of glasses is usually proposed when the visual defect of the child is very important, it may disrupt its development or cause symptoms: headaches, eyestrain, styes ...
  • Glasses correct refractive errors, due to the deformation of the curve of the cornea, which affect the lack of sharpness of the rendered image. There are three: hyperopia (good vision only from a distance), myopia (blurred vision from afar) and astigmatism (near and far, distorted vision). When these disorders are mild, the child compensates himself for his defect. The use of glasses is not systematic.
  • Strabismus is the abnormal deviation of one or both eyes in one of the positions of the gaze. The deviation can be horizontal or vertical. This disorder, often hereditary, is to be monitored regularly. The glasses can help to make the point on the image, but to resort to a particular treatment (reeducation) is sometimes necessary.

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