Beauty and the Beast: the trailer

Beauty and the Beast: the trailer

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On March 22, 2017, Beauty and the Beast, legendary couple, are back on the big screen in a beautiful movie that will delight young and old, from 7 years. We discover the trailer.

What is the story ?

Late eighteenth century, in a small French village. Beautiful, dreamy and passionate girl of literature, lives with her father, a wacky old inventor. Having lost a night in the forest, he takes refuge in the castle of the Beast, which throws him in the dungeon.

Unable to bear to see her imprisoned father, Belle decides to sacrifice herself instead of her father. At the Castle of the Beast, Belle v a strange life, where fairy, joy and melancholy mingle ... and will especially get to know the Beast with whom she dines every evening. Under the mask of the monster, hides actually a Prince Charming trembling with love for her, but victim of a terrible curse.

A Walt Disney Company movie of: Bill Condon with Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans

Production : Bill Condon
Montage: The Walt Disney Company
Production : The Walt Disney Company


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