Questions you dare not ask

Questions you dare not ask

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During the nine months of your pregnancy, a thousand and one questions come to your mind. Some seem so intimate or simple that ... you do not dare to ask. Future moms have done it for you.

"I am at the very beginning of my pregnancy and I constantly want to sleep, I wonder if it's normal?"

  • Pumping and fatigue during the day are the hallmarks of early pregnancy! These phenomena are directly related to the hormonal upheavals of your body in the first trimester. This fatigue usually fades after the third month.
  • Our advice: listen to your body and, if you can, rest as soon as you feel the need. If you work, go to bed earlier in the evening and get some rest during the day. The nap is the friend of future mothers.

"The night my baby was conceived, I was at a friend's house and we watered the meal well Is there a risk for my baby?"

  • Rest assured, your child is not at risk because the formation of organs begins several days after conception. On the other hand, any alcohol consumption is totally inadvisable during pregnancy All the harmful substances you consume pass through the placenta and reach the fetus. The effects of alcohol on the child can be terrible: malformations, mental retardation, behavior disorders ...
  • Our advice: refuse any solicitation by explaining "My baby is not drinking".

"Can we smoke?"

  • Whenever possible, try to stop smoking early in your pregnancy or seriously reduce your daily cigarette intake. If you smoke, your child may suffer from hypotrophy, that is to say from a delay in its development due to malnutrition.
  • The risks of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies are also higher. The children of smokers are leaner and are born prematurely.
  • Our advice : you must do everything to stop.

And cannabis?

  • No drugs are innocuous. Hard or so-called soft, it always goes from mother to child during pregnancy and later during breastfeeding. If hashish and marijuana do not cause known abnormalities in the unborn baby, the fact remains that the smallest "small joint" taken by the mother leads to a state of immediate response to the drug followed by 'addiction.
  • Our advice: abstain for the health of your baby.

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