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Hyperthermal convulsions in question

Hyperthermal convulsions in question

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From 1 year, some children are sometimes victims of hyperthermic convulsions during fever, often related to an infectious disease. What can be the consequences of such crises? How to react ? Our advices.

  • Hyperthermal convulsions affect some children as early as 1 year old when they have feverish episodes. They are usually benign unless they occur in a toddler younger than 12 months of age or if they last more than 15 minutes. It is therefore essential to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What is a hyperthermic convulsion?

  • Convulsive seizures are usually triggered by fever, when the body temperature exceeds 38 ° C. It is characterized by shaking and general muscle contractions. It occurs mainly in toddlers aged 18 to 24 months.

What to do in the event of a crisis ?

  • You have to put your child on your side, in a safe lateral position, treat the fever and give him a drink.

There are two types of convulsions

  • Simple febrile seizures occur in children over one year of age and last less than 15 minutes. Once the crisis is over, the child does not have any after-effects and is recovering perfectly from his crisis.

Complex febrile seizures are discussed if your child has at least one of these criteria:

• if less than 12 months old,

• if seizures occur several times during the same fever spurt,

• if convulsions last more than 15 minutes,

• if your child is not fully recovering from the crisis.

What does the doctor ?

  • If it is simple febrile seizures, the pediatrician will examine your child and decide if medical examinations are necessary. If he sees no consequence of this crisis, he will do nothing more.
  • In case of complex febrile convulsions, the pediatrician will prescribe a medical report requiring hospitalization.

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