Babies include words as early as 6 months

Babies include words as early as 6 months

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According to an American study, children are able to understand the meaning of some words commonly used by those around them, from the age of 6 months!

  • In February 2012, a study told us that babies read on the lips of their interlocutor from the age of 6 months to learn to speak. Then, it is American researchers from the University of Pennsylvania who have shown that at the same age, babies understand the meaning of the words commonly used by their parents.

An understanding of the object we are talking about

  • To realize this experience, they studied the behavior of 33 babies aged 6 to 9 months and compared it with older children, aged 10 to 20 months.
  • Each child was placed with one of their parents in front of a screen on which were presented four objects (food or part of the body). The parent, who was blindfolded not to influence his child's gaze, then asked him to look at one of the objects in the picture. As a result, the children, whether 6 months or 14 months old, were more focused on the element just named, which proves that they understand the object they are being told about.
  • According to Daniel Swingley, one of the authors of the study, it is the proof that it is necessary to speak to his child, even very small because they understand much more than one thinks.

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