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The Magic Parrot: Episode 1

The Magic Parrot: Episode 1

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Cap on a nice adventure! That of a little boy, Quentin, and his magic parrot. Why magic? You will quickly discover it ...

  • Once upon a time there was a boy named Quentin who had a magic parrot. This parrot was able to control the winds.
  • A nice morningwhile Quentin had gone for a walk, he arrived at a port. The fishermen were sleeping in their boat waiting for the wind to rise.
  • " What would you say to a little breeze? The boy asked his bird, and the parrot nodded and ran his wing over his beak.
  • Suddenly, a draft blew the sails. The sailors, awakened with a start, jumped out of their boat and fell into the water.
  • "Ha ha!" Quentin laughed, seeing the agitation he had just provoked. No one had spotted his ride, except the captain of the biggest sailboat.
  • " Oh! Quentin approached and the captain asked him: Tell me, little, I dreamed where your parrot can get the wind up? "
  • " Uh ... my parrot has some powers. The captain looked at the boy with bright eyes: "Would you like to go around the world with us? "
  • "Why not," said Quentin, who loved adventure, and he got on board and he had a strange feeling when he saw the sailors dark and unshaven. But the captain told him in a reassuring tone: "It will be enough for you to blow the wind that I will ask and you will do what you want of your days!"

Here is Quentin and his parrot on board for a funny trip ... the 2nd episode.

A story written by Olivier Muller illustrated by Frédéric Pillot, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.